Card Toss Free Games

Toss, Throw or Flick the Cards into the Baseball Cap! Just Get It In!

Take your thumb, place it on the card and draw it across the screen towards the cap to score points!

But watch out! The drafty ManCave’s unnatural breezes and Gassy Dog’s flatulence will try to keep you from scoring! Get the card in the cap and score a point. Hit the Gassy Dog and lose a point.

This simple yet challenging game will keep you and your friends entertained for hours! Gassy Dog’s smart aleck teasing will have you in stitches! Cool Graphics and Realistic Sounds add to the Fun.

Play between friends or take it out on the town and make new friends, this game’s an excellent Icebreaker!

Place your favorite Gassy Friend’s Photo on Gassy Dog for laugh out loud Fun as you watch your friend flatulate and levitate!
Only 99 cents

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