Car Rush – Free Racing Game


‘So Cool To Race Against Other Cars’
‘Totally Great Graphics And Game Control’
‘This Game Is Really Recommendable!’
‘Great Game To Kill Time And Disconnect’

You just got yourself the fastest and newest car in town, and now it’s time to prove no one can compete with you. One by one you defeat them all, leaving them behind in utter shock. When you press your screen, you speed up even more! But make sure you don’t run into any of the other bikers, because then you’re done. Through Game Center you can check how you are doing compared to your friends, and the rest of the world.

The game play is really cool and keeps a lot of people occupied all day long. The constant threat of other cars catching up makes you play over and over again. See how your friends perform online and try to beat them! JOIN THE CAR RUSH COMMUNITY TODAY!

– Cool car racing game with a twist
– FREE version supported by ads
– Super awesome graphics and motion
– Addicting and proven me concept
– Unlimited attempts to break your record
– Great sound effects and music
– Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
– Turn on/off music and sound effects
– Upgrade to ad-free version optional
– Available on iPhone and iPad

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– Facebook:
– Twitter:

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