Car Bingo Free

This game was developed to make roadtrips easier for parents… And children of course…

The purpose of the game is to spot certain things while looking quietly out of the window, e.g. if the player sees a yellow car then the player presses the yellow car button and is given points and a part of the final award – an icecream (this is indicated in the left side of the game screen). The icecream will be filled out gradually with color for each 10% of the icecream points (200 p) that has been awarded. When the icecream icon in the game is fully colored the player should be awarded with an icecream during the resting break or in the end of the roadtrip.
It is possible to score more than one icecream on a roadtrip. Agree with the terms and size of the icecream before the roadtrip starts to avoid unnessesary conflicts when the road trip is done.
Each icecream could represent a carrot or another juicy vegestable instead… I hope this will help you to get a nice (and quiet) road trip for you and your kids.


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