Captain's Conquest

Captains Conquest is a legendary mobile game where you command the seas like the real Captain Morgan.

DOMINATE THE SEAS. Become the top Captain of your fleet in a battle for the nation by taking command of one of multiple ships in this action packed mobile game. To Life, Love and Loot!

Please note this is a online experience and requires a data connection for full app functionality.

Find dozens of ingame loot items to power up your ship. Use the scope feature to scan the Captain on bottles of Captain Morgan to unlock exclusive items!

Battle your friends for control of your city! Set sail in the Captain’s Conquest mobile app, a groundbreaking multiplayer game where fearless adventurers battle friends and rivals in the true spirit of the legendary Captain Henry Morgan. Rise through the ranks to become Captain of your own powerful fleet by taking fierce command of your ship in the adrenaline-fueled 3D battle mode. Expand your command and fleet’s territory by docking at real locations in your city while collecting rare loot.

Your legendary adventure awaits.

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