Captain soCcer mini

Enjoy soccer shootouts with quality 3D graphics, realistic motions, and mind-challenging gameplay..


## Multiplayer with Game Center

play 5-shot matches against Game Center’s friends or auto-matches.

## Customize your Shooter and Keeper

create your unique players from a wide set of characters, skins, and clothes.

## Perfect your Shooting Skills

play offline Practice shootouts to be guided on how to release the best shots.

## Beat them all at Score!

beat the highest scores at Game Center’s Leaderboard.

each goal gives you score points depending on how hard it was to score it. Even barely-saved shots earns you points. Winning shootout matches gives you the highest reward.


Shooting Help :

* Tilt your iPad to move the red-circle marker and chase the tricky target ball.

* Tap and hold the shooting button to build-up shot Power while the red-circle marker keeps shrinking.

* Build up shot Focus by keeping the target ball inside the marker.

* Good shots should have balanced Power/Focus, high enough to beat the Keeper.

* The net is divided into 9 cells. Keeper is more capable to save at RED-colored cells, less at YELLOW, and least at GREEN.

* Release the shooting button when your marker is within the net cell you want to shoot at, with suitable Power and Focus.

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