Candy Tale

Have you ever dreamed of a candy city where houses have caramel rooftops and windows are made of cookies? You no longer have to dream about the city of sweets, as it has become reality!

The story of CANDY TALE consists of exciting logic games intended for children over 4 years of age. A short fairy tale is linked to each exercise. Every game included in this story has been created with the thought of developing certain aspects of a child’s logical and creative thinking, perception of colours and shapes, and memory training.
This is the first iPhone/iPad game in which the participant has the opportunity to affect the visual appearance and contents of the next round of play. Hundreds of possible game and story combinations will allow children to play the fairy tale games over and over again.

• Develops logical thinking and accuracy;
• Teaches to recognize colors, shapes, and patterns;
• Trains attention/concentration and memory;
• Incorporates many popular board games;
• Allows the player to influence the appearance and contents of future games.

You are welcome to find out more and follow the development of this game at

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