Candy Pot Winters

Sequel of Candy Pot which was ranked in *Top 50* in more than 10 countries!!!


Video Trailer:



“Candy Pot is fun and addictive. (…) this will be a great collection to the game folder on my iPhone” –

“TinTin is a cute little pot who wants nothing more than to eat sweet, sweet candy. (…) A fun little physics-based puzzle game” –


User reviews for Candy Pot from TouchArcade and AppStore:

“Its very very creative and catchy…”

“Finally a game you can play with only one finger, the reset is immediate if you make something wrong and the gameplay is very funny and addicting! Highly recommended :-)”

“Addicting and fun gameplay, objects are easy to move(…), one-finger to play and one touch to restart the level(…) Great features for a great game!”

“Cute and fun to play.. and its different.”

“I love chocolate too!Tin Tin and me have the same taste~
The graphics look great~I love its color like purple and pink~And theirs sounds are so cute,like a baby~
I really love riddle game,this game is my style~^_^”

“I love it so much!
You should try it and it won’t let you down!”

“Not that easy as I think. But that makes it more fun. A good game to play.”


The candies are in danger! TinTin’s peaceful world has now been invaded by The Jutt and Spiky!

My friend,

My name is TinTin and I am the Candy Pot.

My world was very beautiful and full of chocolates and I loved eating them.

Suddenly all of it changed when an accident threw away all my candies in to PomPom. Help me get them back.

My world can be a bit challenging, so I need people with brains, like you, to find a way to get all my candies back.

It’s my responsibility to warn you that my world is very delicious and addictive. You’ll spend hours lost within there

Looking forward for you to feed me,

TinTin – The Candy Pot.

CandyPot is a beautiful world full of amazing challenges. The type of game that appeals to both children and grown-ups alike. We’re certain you’ll find the game so delicious you’ll not want to put it down. Feed candies to TinTin, by placing various objects, each having its own specific behavior, at strategic positions. You’ll need to deflect the candy or shoot it using the helpful objects. Try the wobbly jelly or maybe the straight up biscuit. Just be sure to get the candy to TinTin. Along the way coat it up with toppings. The more toppings you have, the more points you get!

Extra information:
– 2 delicious worlds with 1 practice world!
– 30 excititng levels.
– 2 challenging enemies!
– A SuperPower to KILL enemies
– 2 awesome candy balls.
– 5 different objects
– and 15 practice levels to help you get through!

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