Candy Jump HD

**** A very big thanks for all the downloads and support ****

The candid candies are trying to escape from the factory in Candy Jump HD. They are jumping away crazily and seeking help to cross the river. It’s up to you to save them… !

Take control of the paddle and be their savior and help them out. Move the Paddle and bounces all the good candies to their destination, avoid and drown the bad candies. If you miss out saving even one good candy then you will end up losing a life.

Sweet Features:
* Level Up for every 1000 points scored
* Number of lives is constant
* Collecting evil candies will cost a life
* Speed candy will reward you 500 points
* Collecting speed candy will increase the number of candies
* Bad candies and speed of the candy will increase as level progresses
* Collect Star candies for bonus points
* The width of the paddle varies as level progresses
* Collecting bombs will end the game
* High Score – Game Centre and OpenFeint Enabled

Candy Jump begins as a simple task but progresses into a challenging mission. The innovative design, infinite game-play and appealing sounds make this a must-have game on your iDevice.

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