Candy Crushers: Roller Girls Dodgeball

What happens when you combine Roller Derby with Dodgeball?

You get… Roller Girls Dodgeball!!!

The Candy Crushers take on their rivals, Hell on Wheels.

Watch these Roller Girls dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge their way around the Roller Derby track.

Download Candy Crushers: Roller Girls Dodgeball today!
Be part of the fast rolling action.


-Endless and fun game play
Enjoy hours of fun!

-Simple controls
Get into the action fast and easy!

-Stunning graphics and sounds
Feel as though you are really there with the music and visuals!

-Fast paced action
Test your reflexes, this game moves fast!

-Collect diamonds to unlock the all the Roller Girls
Unlock Malice Cullen and Dee Licious, get them in the game!

Enjoy hours of fun as you dodge and throw your way to victory against Hell on Wheels girls!!

Play for FREE now!!!

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