Candy Boozy Lite

Candy Boozy Lite

Smoky breaks open into the secret chambers of the Candy Factory to collect the secret formula. Smoky is seriously addicted to Candy. He has a voracious appetite and can eat them day and night.
His appetite can seriously land him into trouble and keep you challenged all the time. Take command of Smoky and gather all the Candy spread around dangerous traps.
Thread your way cautiously; one wrong move will upset your progress. Throughout each level, challenges loom over your head and every time you play the level, it’s a new experience. Stay out of wrong moves, and use the least moves to reach a massive score. There’s more than this to see and do in this addictive game, what are you waiting for … get started now.


1. 40 Puzzling Levels
2. Amazing gameplay and challenge
3. Superb graphics and sound
4. Integrated with Game Center and Open Feint

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