Can't Drop the Soap (Free)

It’s a dirty world out there and somebody has to clean it up. Luckily, we have Sudsy, the friendly bar of soap on a mission to clean up the house with his soapy powers!

Can’t Drop the Soap is a fun physics platform game where you use Sudsy and his slipperiness to clean the filthy jerk Dirt Clouds off your screen. Touch Sudsy and watch him slip across the screen. He is soap after all, and a slippery one at that. Explore multiple levels using your cleaning powers and defeat the biggest dirt cloud of them all, the dreaded Dirtius Maximus! Be careful though. If you let Sudsy hit the fall to hard, he’ll get squished. Sudsy doesn’t like being squished, so you Can’t Drop the Soap!

Upgrade to the full version of Can’t Drop the Soap for an ad free experience

More levels coming soon!

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