Campaign The Game

Campaign is the first advertising agency sillymulator, ever! Also the best.

Did you ever think of creating an ad campaign with Sensitive Pirates? What about a TV commercial with Profound Zombies? or a web piece on Serious Spring Break? Then Campaign is for you! Get creative and make advertising history by leading a dynamic and spontaneous ad agency from the 80s to the 00s, all the way to the top! Create ad campaigns, work with pop and advertising superstars, win festivals and throw parties on your way to success. All that while dealing with loveable and smart (yeah, right) clients that just want you for your numbers! Unite your left and right brain in a glorious explosion of screen touching magic, or in other words: get creative and win the game!

• Get briefing
• Create campaign
• Plan medias
• Dance to the tune of agency surprises
• Meet the clients
• Superstar idols on your team
• Cammes Festival
• Parties
• Fun!
• Rank agency in Hall of Fame

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