Calling all KneeBouncers

“I’m so excited, my preschooler is giggling while playing now!”
~ Heather K.

“My 18 month old, who has been working my iphone very well since 12 month old, very much approves of this app, thanks a lot :)”
~ Cecilia G.

Straight from the creators of the popular baby and toddler game website comes Calling All KneeBouncers. Calling All KneeBouncers is a simple and sweet toy phone game for your 0-4 year old. It’s educational and engaging. When your little one makes presses the keypad the numbers are read aloud. Once the call is made, one of the six KneeBouncer friends will answer with a sweet and loving message for your little one!


• Phone simulation
• Number identification and recognition
• Friendly colorful characters
• Positive reinforcement messages is a whole lotta fun for the itty bitty ones! It is playful learning in the safest website in the world for your 0-4 year old. has been delighting parents and kids for over 8 years with bright, engaging, educational and fun games and experiences. No experience necessary – just tap the keyboard and lots of fun things happen! Buy the app and come enjoy our fun and easy to use site too. Very reasonable annual and monthly memberships available.
A whole lotta fun for the itty bitty ones!

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