Help the Boy to run as long as he can through a world of cakes, carrots, ice cream and sugar canes.

This is a classic jump and run. Run as long as you can. Tap the screen to jump or double-jump. Features:

* Singleplayer and Multiplayer
* Jump and double jump
* Offscreen jump position indicator
* Display of current speed and distance
* 3 difficulty levels
* High score list per level and with names
* High score resettable
* help page
* In-game music
* In-game music can be switched off
* Status bar off or on – for those who want to keep an eye on the time

This game was programmed by our intern, Lukas Jünemann, a 16 year old school-kid in two weeks and is based on ixrunner by Patrick Völcker (see ). The graphics are from Tina Bloch. Music is Cipher (cipher2.mp3) from Kevin MacLeod.

Have fun!

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