Cake Pop Party

★HOLY CAKE POPS! -Over 4 MILLION Tasty POPS created – over 200,000 featured in POP WORLD★

★Come play with us! We’re looking for the greatest CAKE POP ARtisT ever – is that YOU? ★

★Be CReAtiVe makin’ POP ART with the most unique, creative and social Cake Pop Makin’ app on iTunes. Need inspiration? Visit Pop World, our built-in global Cake Pop gallery that showcases creative masterpieces from designers around the world. You can even “comment”, “love” & “follow”
your favorites! ★

★ “So creative, I’m addicted” – Akw27
★ “Best Cake Pop game in the universe” – Stickman
★ Joystick Division – “Cake Pops Make Me Hungry” – 4/5 Stars
★ “Poptastic! – Best cake pop making app *period*!” — Z80GameCoder
★ “Infinity ★’s ! Best app ever!” — Mr. Llama man
★ Virtual coins – Buy decorative packs without using real money
★ Earn free virtual coins by doing daily tasks – it’s fun!
★ New notifications let you see when you have new loves, comments & friend follows
Get free decorative surprises randomly after eating a Cake Pop.
Complete all Achievements and unlock 5 free decorative surprises.
Fun ways to earn Free stuff
Buy the V.I.P. Pack and get ALL future updates for FREE. AWESOME DEAL!
★ Want a creative, kid-and-family-friendly app? Cake Pop Party lets your child’s imagination run wild. Getting started is a piece of cake; soon you’ll be combining shapes, coatings, candy and sprinkles to bring your favorite pet, character or tasty treat to life in Cake Pop form.

SUPER SWEET features include:
★ High-quality art
★ Cool stick tags for personalized messages
★ Pop World global gallery for sharing tasty creations
★ Eating Cake Pops earns unique, hidden SURPRISES. (The more packs you own, the more surprises you can unlock).
★ Recipe Cards provided with each Cake Pop
★ Goody Store loaded with 100’s of ingredients, theme packs and special bundles

TASTY ingredients & decorative items, such as:
★ Shapes
★ Flavors
★ Coatings
★ Backgrounds
★ Sticks
★ Candy
★ Icing
★ Food
★ Surprises

★ No other food-makin’ app compares. Download the best and join our exclusive POP ART Club!

★ Check out our Facebook page for the latest video features for Cake Pop Party


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