Cake Doodle

Universal Rating: 4+

Cake Doodle is a game from Shoe the Goose, originally released 28th June, 2010


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Cake Doodle Review

As one of the few video game genres that doesn’t involve speeding or shooting, kitchen simulations provide a relaxing counterpart to the App Store’s more action-packed fare. Even if you don’t get to actually enjoy your dish, the act of creation can still be fun. Cake Doodle has some charm, but it’s not at all a game.

Unlike real cooking games like Cooking Mama and Pocket Chef, there is no challenge to completing the microgames in Cake Doodle. There’s no way to lose, and the only fun comes in deciding what to put on your cake at the end.

When you start up Cake Doodle, you can pick from one of eight cake recipes, which have only minor variations between them. Most of them require cracking eggs with a single tap on the screen, and in a few you’ll squish bananas or grate carrots with onscreen gestures. Then you stir the mix, pop it in a virtual oven, and move on to the cake decorating phase. You can also skip all the cooking entirely with an instant cake mix.

Crack crack crack the eggs into the bowl.

The cooking phase is so inconsequential that it’s hardly worth mentioning. It’s impossible to screw up the recipe, and you’re not timed or given any points for a job well done.

Decorating your cake provides as much freedom as playing around with MS Paint and clip art. You can frost your cake, which adds a colorful layer on top, and then you can draw or write on it to your heart’s content. A decent collection of decorations, like animals or birthday candle numbers, will let you personalize your cake even further. You can then email it to a friend or save it to your photo roll.

Cake Doodle is not a game, even though it’s categorized as such. It’s simply a unique way to send a birthday or other message to a friend. Whether this is a sweet surprise, a death-threat, or an obscene erotic cake is up to you. The interactive elements in Cake Doodle are sparse, and it’s completely devoid of challenge. Anyone expecting a proper game should skip it entirely.