Cafe Life

IceBreak Games Brings Hit Facebook Baking Game To Your iPhone!
This one keeps you addicted once you level up and the decorations are stunning.” – DavidBoy at

“Overall, the visuals are colorful and charming – a bit better than those of Cafe World, I would dare to say. Or at least I like them more.” –

Extend your favorite cafe sim experience from Facebook to your iPhone or iPod Touch with Cafe Life, the increasingly popular dessert restaurant builder from your friends at IceBreak Games!

As the head chef of your very own confections bistro, creating a variety of scrumptious desserts is always on the agenda. Whether making cupcakes, tarts, or macarons, applying your best practices to ensure customer satisfaction will garner overall success. This includes timely service and maintaining a cleanly cafe at all times, but how do you do that when you’re away from your computer or unable to access Facebook?

With our new app, easily monitor and maintain core activities in your custom designed cafe to enhance its popularity and increase its efficiency. As you invite friends and family to play, view each others’ uniquely styled cafes to both help one another and receive rewards.

With frequent updates to introduce new desserts, drinks, and decorations, you’ll always be wondering what the future holds in your Cafe Life.


•Cook great dishes from a multitude of recipes
•Serve your customers in a quick and efficient style
•Clean and keep your cafe in order to quickly sit new customers
•Hire new employees and fire bad ones
•Visit your friends’ and family’s cafes
•Collect coins in the form of money bags
•Help out friends by saving their spoiled food

Always remember that, besides being a Cafe Life Facebook user, online connectivity is required.

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