C4 Waterman Surf N Sup Challenge

VOTED APP OF THE WEEK! The C4 Waterman app is a combination surfing stand up paddling simulator game which
is very unique and the first of its kind. It will be the only surfing game that allows you to put your real photo face onto the surf character while on a realistic photo style wave! It will also be the first stand up paddle surfing game of its kind.

The C4 WATERMAN app will also be used to train surfers in understand core training.

* three games in one app – short board ripper / down wind stand up / river racer stand up

* more than 20 greeting cards in which you place your face on top of famous surfer photos and send to friends via email / face book.

* surf amongst sharks and boogie boarders to win points

* get locked into the “curl” of the wave and do huge air tricks

* 360 spinner tricks and wild sound effects

* race against time clock down currents and along canyon walls.

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