Buzzzle is an entertaining and challenging puzzle game. The goal is to cover all board with figures like in Tetris. But as you’ll see at high levels it’s not that easy.

Buzzzle has ten difficulty levels from beginners to pro and contains 17 000 unique puzzles. Ranking system lets you see your own progress in the game and compare your results with those of the other players.

Important point: you can try it and have a lot of fan for free, but high levels and ranking system of Buzzzle is available only after buying full version inside the app using In-App purchase.

This puzzle is not just a timekiller, it helps you to improve memory and concentration. Your scores depend on difficulty, time and number of moves you made to solve the puzzle, so you need to work hard to have the top rating.

— 10 levels from beginners to pro,
— 17 000 unique puzzles,
— ranking system to improve your skills.

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