Buzzing Bee HD – Clever Colorful Original Puzzles


You have always dreamed of being a tiny little bee. Luckily, there are plenty of gorgeous flowers for you to land on and explore! Take to the skies – fly through the meadows (avoid the mischievous spiders) and find your perfect flower.

Simple, but extremely fun puzzle game!
Land all of the bees on their corresponding flowers in the amount of moves indicated, this can get very very tricky!

*** Highlights ***

✓ Extremely easy to learn game
✓ Amazing animations and graphics
✓ Brand new puzzle concept
✓ 32 Levels (increasing in difficulty)
✓ Over 25,000 unique puzzles (no two puzzles are ever the same)
✓ Each puzzle has only 1 solution!
✓ Leaderboards
✓ Achievements
✓ Perfect for all ages and abilities
✓ Be warned – very addicting puzzles!

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