Buzz2 Chaos – Spot The Difference


Buzz2 Chaos is a new & exciting photo hunting game with the “Animal” theme! 

Buzz2 Chaos is a fast-paced game that you need to find out the differences in a short time.

Those cute animals would attempt to distract you & keep your fingers busy when you try to spot the differences! Get Buzz2 Chaos & enjoy hours of incredible fun!



”… this particular one is actually quite interesting. The artwork stands out from the crowd …”

“Casual game that can keep you playing for hours, simply addictive.” -niezam


“This is a really nice spot the difference game.” -Thenight



✓More than 150 differences to be found!

✓10 levels of Basic mode & 1 level of Infinity mode!

✓New challenges can be unlock! (mirror image, more animals)





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