Buzz Friends

Buzz Friends is the ultimate multiplayer quiz game for fans of the Friends sitcom. A fun and exciting app, with a fast-paced, entertaining game play…this is a must have for all Friends fans!

Invite a friend or play with random Friends fans around the world. Test your Friends knowledge with this buzzing quiz app. Game play is simple – each game consists of 10 questions. The player who presses the buzzer (yes, it’s a real live quiz environment) gets to answer the question. A wrong answer passes the question to your opponent.

The motive – beat your opponent by scoring more than him. Do keep in mind that wrong answers will fetch you negative points – so press the Buzzer only if you are certain of the answer :)

It’s time to prove that you are the #1 Friends fan in the world. Win games and climb up the leader board. Also earn game center points…with 45 achievements at 3 different levels.

Buzz Friends is a true delight for Friends fans. Get Buzzing Now!

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