Bust it Gangnam Style 2013 HD

★★★Match up your favorite characters, bust them in a shower of funky stars, and go for the high score before the target is too high – even for you :)★★★

★★★Let's do it!★★★

So you've popped into Gangnam, a wealthy neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea and your here to bust it Gangnam Style…So you whip out your iPhone or iPad and get

your freak on…

That means its time to have some fun in this funky little matching and busting game.

Match and bust collections of the same friendly faces until there are no more combos left for you to bust. Can you reach the target score and keep progressing to

the next level…or will you fail big time?

A big challenge awaits…

★★★Get Bustin!★★★

? Stage 1 – A newborn can do this, apparently!
? Stage 2 – You should be doing this if you have a heartbeat…
? Stage 3 – No excuses. Get a big score whilst you can!
? Stage 4 – Now those early big scores will be needed…
? Stage 5 – Its going to get interesting
? Stage 6+ onwards – From here on out the challenge begins and your on your own!

This game is a friendly parody of the popular Gangnam style.

Hope you enjoy bustin Gangnam Style.

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