Bust & Flow Free HD

★★★Featured in 'What's Hot!' in over 90 Countries!★★★
★★★Bust colors in an addictive shower of stars!★★★
★★★Thanks for helping us into the Top 100 games!★★★

Bust & Flow is a simply and addictive color matching puzzle game for all the family.

Simply match 2 or more colored dots and bust them by tapping the clusters and watching the mall explode in a shower of stars!

Each level has a target score so make sure you reach that and then you can move to the next level!

Can you get the highest score in the world and sit proudly on top of the leader boards?

Good luck!


Game Center worldwide leader board!
Aim for big combos!
Beat the target stage score!
Colorful UI and graphics
cool sound effects
clean and easy user interface and menus

★★★Get Bustin'!★★★

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