The famous game of Burraco for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Burraco is a rummy-type card game similar to canasta, very popular in Italy and growing very fast in the rest of the world. Also compatible for iPhone 3, this version was created specifically for play offline against a “Robot” (that will learn to play better in next releases). At the end of the game, you’ll be able to send your score and join online leaderboards: even in case of loss you will always be rewarded with points!.

Our strengths:

* Gameplay, animations, and fluidity.

* You can move the table around to have full view of the entire table.

* Because you do not play online against other players, there is no risk of opponent disconnections, or any other connectivity issues…

* You can pause the game at any time and resume it when you want: the “Robot” to play against will always be ready …

* If you already have a Burraconline.com game account (the famouse game available only for PC by now), you will see on your online profile also the points you did on iPhone !!! Alternatively, you can create a Burraconline account the same, and keep it active only to send iPhone results and partecipate to leaderboards. Burraconline is the world’s largest community of players Burraco, with over 1 million registered players!

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