Burger Queen


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“Father dumped his burgershop – Burger K!”

Father dumped Burger K on his daughter and left for his Hawaii vacation.

According to father’s letter, the mission is not to ruin Burger K and to keep its reputation until his coming back!

Unfortunately the fate of Burger K is not kind any more
because the daughter’s skill will be improving quickly and she will change the sign of Burger k… it’s Burger Queen.

Burger Queen Features:

– 73 Game Levels, 5 Episodes and 7 Challenge Modes exist

– A simple hidden game exists

– Funny story-telling game

– Cartoon-based graphics

– Various types of funny customer characters appear

– Simulation-Strategy Dash Game

– Achievements and Ranking support

======= update history =======

v 1.00 : Released (Episode 1, 2, 3 only)
v 1.10 : Added new Episode 4, 5
v 1.11 : Fixed Crash bug, Supported multitasking on iOS 4.0
v 1.20 : Added 2 new challenge modes
v 1.21 : Fixed crash bugs
v 1.22 : Fixed crash bugs (for iPodTouch 2G)
v 1.23 : Supported multi-touch and left-and-right landscape screen
v 1.24 : Added ‘More Games’ banner : Burger Queen World
v 1.25 : Fixed a bug that banner doesn’t disappear on main title screen when touched
v 1.26 : Fixed a bug that has a problem with playtime going fast at EP. 1, 2, 3
v 1.27 : Fixed a bug that has a problem with playtime going fast at EP. 4, 5

======= update agenda =======

v.1.3 : Add new challenge mode



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