Burger Mania Lite

You will be blown away with this new version of Burger Mania. You don’t have to buy the game to get the full version anymore! We are giving it to you entirely for FREE! That´s right, full version for FREE! Download now and have fun!

In this game you are the guy who prepares the best burgers ever! You receive a mysterious letter that holds a key to a diner that can be yours. This is where the adventure begins! Once you start the journey and complete each level you will be taken to a new city where you will be faced with more challenges. You will travel from Brazil to Japan and prepare your burgers to demanding customers while in search to find out who sent you the mysterious letter!! The levels will become increasingly more difficult as you continue playing the game. Are you up to this adventure? Do you have the speed and the craft that this game requires?

The Paid version of Burger Mania is available without Ads popping in the screen!

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/uplaymobile
Facebook: http://www.uplay.com.br/Facebook
Blog: http://www.uplayblog.com

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