Burger Maker Free

Like Burgers and fast-food? Ever dreamed to be on the other side of the counter at your favorite fast-food joint or shop. Well now you can make your own Burgers in Burger Shop

Feel the heat of the fast-food production business. Experience working in a fast food restaurant. There are multiple categories to choose from for your fast-food customization: over 25,000+ different burgers possibilities and over 20,000+ different meal combinations that you can create. A wide range of options will challenge your creativity in this Shop. Satisfy your customers and Show what a good chef you are.
So take your time and prepare the food serving that will wow your friends and family. Don’t make them angry by just serving an empty fish burger! But compare your burgers to the likes of mcdonalds and burger king. Become the king of burgers and show the world that your shop produces the best burgers in the whole world.

Serve a yummy smoke buffalo burger or a delicious chicken breast burger, grilled to perfection! Spice up your burger with some Chilli sauce or Tabasco sauce. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with the tons of options. Give it some extra flavor: add some lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and many more cool toppings! So hurry up and make your shop the best shop there is.

– Attractive, colorful visuals.
– Several dipping flavors and additives to make yummy burgers every time you play.
– Kids friendly content – A real eye candy for kids-Bring out the creativity in your children! No violence or monsters or zombies or scares.
– Even more Forks and Plates unlock able through the in-game store!
– Dip your Burger into so many various sauces.
– Share Burrito with friends via Face book.
– Save snap-shots of every Burger you make in your phone

All BGMs are the property of Kevin MacLeod. All rights reserved.
© 2001-2012 Kevin MacLeod.

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