Burger Catch

Burger Catch. A colorful pixel art game in which you may customize your character to suit you. You use your character in various levels that have burgers fall down at random. There are different kinds of burgers and some are worth more points than others. You have 45 seconds to gather up as many points as possible by aligning your self with as many falling burgers as you can.


There are different soundtracks for all the levels, and each one is beautifully composed to match and make the mood of each level. As well as sounds that can be comedic.


The art is a pixel style. With many different backgrounds, character customization choices and burgers. You too will see how Burger Catch shows off its style.


High Scores (Will be Saved to be able to view later on)
Character Customization (You’re Character will also be saved)
Changing backgrounds
Great Music
Great Design
Different levels
Falling at random
Time Limit
Lots of choices and menus

You’re sure to have a great time Catching and eating all those Burgers!

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