BunnyFarts LE Pinky Fart

Want Your Kids To Giggle With Delight?

The BunnyFarts series is pure and simple bunny based fun for kids of all ages.

If you want more bunnies and even funnier artwork we hear you and will have something more to make you laugh in the coming weeks.

Sure there are a few more bells and whistles in the regular version and lots more bunnies and sounds in the Premium version, but if you need to make someone smile, this little App should do the trick.

and hey.. this Lite version is half the cost of a bag of jellybeans – it lasts way longer too!

Here’s what a few of our Customers shared with us:
“Mommy Bunny says that her widdle bunny wunny woves it”

“Hahaha LOL – you made me smile today, thx”

“My daughter and I were in a doctor’s waiting room when she discovered your App, now I can’t get her to stop annoying us with it”

If you liked iFart, iWoopie and Atomic Fart then you will love the eye candy in this BunnyFarts series.

Here is how to say fart and flatulence in a few more languages:
Danish: prut
Dutch: scheet
French: péter
German: furzen, pupsen, miefen, sausen
Portugese: peido, peidar
Spanish: pedo
Swedish: fisa, fis, prutta
Swiss German: furzä

Just tap the bunny and smile or better yet show it to kids and spread some laughter around.

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