Bunker Buster – foursquare goes to war

From your doorstep to the Empire State Building – in Bunker Buster the real world has been turned into a live battleground.

You are a combat specialist aiming to rise through the military hierarchy and build an army strong enough to defeat all opposing forces. Take on your friends and defend your turf. Through completing missions and tactile manoeuvres you will earn better weapons, respect, and increase your ability to command and conquer.

Do you want to know what it feels like to be a General? Join the battle now!

Bunker Buster is the ultimate geo-social game with Foursquare venues as your game board.

– Map-based interface allows you to see your units in action in your world
– Attack and occupy buildings, but remember to defend them well
– Change defenses as more units become available
– Control your inventory by swapping units around and buying more units
– Leaderboards and achievements to compete with your friends
– Check in to Foursquare, and brag on Facebook or Twitter

– You must be connected to the internet to use this app.

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