Bumperball for iPad

Do you like football games and car games? Then you will love Bumperball!

This highly addictive game will let you beat your friends when you are together, and give you a chance to leave them behind on the high score boards online. Oh, and it is free! The bumper car war is on!

Game description:
Two goals, bumper cars and a ball! Fast paced multiplayer action in an arena for up to 4 players.
Get in the driver seat of your own bumper car, and race the ball into your opponent’s goal. Play 1 on 1, or 2 on 2 with your friends. Beat the opposition and the timer in single player mode to set your high score, and battle your friends for the #1 spot on the Game Center Scoreboard.
This is an iPad version of our very popular online game bumperball.com – which has millions of fans all over the world.

Game Features:
Battle your friends for the High Score on Game Center
Unlimited levels
Unlock new colors and decals for your bumper car
Single player action
2 & 4-player action
See your overall stats
Rack up experience points
New and improved controls:
Use a joystick, a steering wheel, or swipe to race your car across the arena

Have fun!

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