Bump Noddle Free

The best and fun match and eliminate game, Draw Animal! Come to find and match your birthpet, animal symbols. Lovely Chinese Zodiac in four season scenes, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Unlike other similar games “Bejeweled”, “Birzzle Pandora” or “Montezuma”, we use cute Chinese Zodiac birthpet as the theme, so more beautiful graphics, more fun properties, more playable scenes and more challenging! Game Center supported.

The best Chinese zodiac animal sign theme game!

*Two Modes

1.Classic Mode
There are four scenes in classic mode, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Each season has 25 levels. As the number of level gets higher, we see more properties, more playable, and more challenging. After you passed each level, you will have one to three stars indicating your scores. Get more stars!

2.Endless Mode
Before time ends up, get your highest score. Let’s go do a game here and see the ratings in Game Center. One hint, endless mode is a good place to collect properties and coins. You will need to collect 45 stars in classic mode to enable endless mode.


1.Hint:Help you find the active animal which can be eliminated.
2.Key:Use key to unlock new classic and endless levels. Or sell it to get more coins.
3.Magic Stick:Eliminate single animal.
4.Bomb:Use bomb to eliminate 3×3 animals.
5.Lightning:A lightning will explode to eliminate animals in same line, both vertical and horizontal.
6.Time speed up or slow down:Time speed up or slow down.
7.Eliminate the same:The same animals will be eliminated.
8.Stone: Stone cannot be eliminated, but you can use a hammer to break it. Get/Upgrade hammer in store to break it.
9.Ice: Animal with ice cannot be eliminated. Ice can be broken with a hammer, or ice will disappear automatically after some time.
10.Energy Bomb:Energy bomb has 3 levels. Level 1 can eliminate 3*3 animals, can use once when energy is full. Level 2 can eliminate 5*5 animals, can use twice when energy is full. Level 3 can eliminate 7*7 animals, can use three times when energy is full.
11.Store: Use coin to buy and upgrade game properties. Also you can buy coins here, buy any amount of coin will remove built-in advertisement.

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