Bump It Lite

Do you have fast reflexes? Can you bump the flashing ball before the countdown ends?

Bump It ! An exciting new game from K&N Ventures…

Players red ball appears at the bottom of the screen while 3 smaller balls float around. As soon as you see a ball flash you have to bump it to earn points. The ball will count down from 7 seconds but if you don’t bump it by the time it reaches 0 then you don’t score. If you bump it too slowly it will cost you one of your 3 lives. If you bump into the wrong ball more than 3 times your ball will explode!

After 30 second intervals if you’ve survived the next level begins…the balls will increase in speed ever so slightly to make it more difficult and occasionally even another ball will be added.

Use Open Feint to compare your score with other players worldwide!

Look for the paid version only .99 and no ads!

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