Bump Color 2 : Color Wanted

Bang! Bang! Bang!

No color,no life,keep hitting to survive,keep swimming to survive.

He need to head towards the right way precisely.However tough it will be,no matter whether he is dyed black or not,just keep swimming without frustration.Keep walking to meet a brandnew world caved in his heart.

-This game just for version iOS5.0 or above only,please make sure the version of your device before download

iPhone 5 compatibility
-iOS6 compatibility
-you can synchronize data between iPhone、iPad and ipod touch seamlessly through iCloud

-More than 7 individual characters
-Fascinating morphing mode
-Each character has individual special ability in Metamorphosis state

-More than 10 kinds of theme scenes
-Colorful reef with affluent changes and texture varieties
-More than 20 kinds of interaction factors
-Unique space transition and world traversing
-Distinguishing color meter
-mysterious treasure hiding in the reef!

-7 kinds of special items
-5 kinds of random scene items

-More than 40 accomplishments acquired
-More than 60 distinguished challenges
-Unique upgrading bonus
-GameCenter Leaderboards and Achievements!

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