Bump Bump

Please keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times, because Bump Bump is BUMPING your way! Bump Bump is the new multiplayer gaming experience for your iPad! Grab a friend or two, or even three (you heard me right) and bump it out!
Bump Bump is another tablebuster by Changyou. With its simple game play, all you need is one button to beat out your friends, win the most coins and master the arena. Be warned, this is no easy task, it requires much coordination and determination to claim the winner. So whatchu waiting for, come join us for another unforgettable match between your best pals!
Game Features:
Play with up to four players on the very same screen! Duel it out with your friends! No need for other devices: four players, one iPad, one party!
Easy to pick up, even a monkey can do it! Although it takes only a sec to learn, but don’t even think about winning without practice!
Choose your strategy wisely according to different arenas! Whether it’s electrical fences or stages ten thousand feet up in the air, think of ways to use them to your own advantage!
Look out for the slippery banana peels, highly explosive landmines as well as other surprises and don’t let them get in your way!
We design our games to better enhance your iPad gaming experience. The game supports iPad, iPad2 and New iPad

Reminder: Friendship should always come before winning!

★ Want to experience all the fun and excitement for free? Search for Bump Bump Lite in the App Store! ★

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