Roads? In Bullet Racer, you don’t need roads.

In the sci-fi Bullet Racer world, AmMO-powered graviton engines let you drive anywhere– up, down, even upside down (if you’re careful)! Thus, the goal of Bullet Racer is simple: get the fastest time, using whatever means necessary.

3D graphics courtesy of the Unity Game Engine
• Six detailed courses
• 50 unique custom parts
• That’s 263,538 possible combinations! Build YOUR unique racer
• Exhilarating speeds reaching over 1000km/h
• Battle the world’s top racers for scoreboard fame
• And of course, no boundaries!

Left Button: Special Ability
Right Button: Accelerator
4-Finger Touch: Pause

Please note: we highly recommend use of dual core processors, available on the iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th gen), and iPod 2/3, to render the high quality 3D OpenGL graphics. The game may suffer framerate issues on the iPhone 4/iPod Touch (4th gen).

(iOS Game Overview) BulletRacer by Hagu

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