Builda Office House HD

Build your greate office house in this new game. Move the minifigures along axises to create your workers.
Layout office, whatever you can imagine, you can build it by yourself through your iPhone or iPad.

just tap start to begin you work.

★ Many minifigures.
★ Many office equipments
★ Save your current work into local file is supported.
★ Load your history work from local file is supported.
★ Save snapshot into your camera Roll is supported.
★ In-App Help center is supported.
★ Beautiful 3D Secne
★ Sweet Sound
★ Move and Rotate Blocks more simple
★ Email the work nad share them with your friends

Let’s start to build our office house, use your endless imagination to build the awesome world, to enjoying the endless happiness!
Thanks for your support, if you have any good suggestion or you need help, please feel free to send your email to!
Please take a moment to give us a nice rating or honest comments which will help us to build best App in the Appstore!


If you love the game, rate us five stars on the App Store and we’ll love you forever!


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