Bugsy's World

Great Easter gift from the Easter bunny.

Join the Easter bunny’s friend Bugsy in his quest to explore new worlds and collect all the treasures in them. Explore all the worlds and collect all the coins and stars as fast as you can to become the most famous rabbit in the land. Beware of the obstacles and enemies along the way, but help will also come when you need it. There are six worlds for Bugsy to explore: three daytime scenes and three nighttime scenes. As Bugsy progresses, the worlds get more difficult to conquer. Bugsy is controlled and guided through the new worlds with an on-screen joystick. If only Santa Claus could have so much fun during this Christmas holiday.

Feature Highlights:
∗Simple and intuitive controls
∗Real physics modeling
∗6 levels of difficulty
∗Great music
∗3D graphics
∗Collectible items always in different places
∗Auto save and ability to resume later

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