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Welcome to the World of Bugs and Spiders. You are the little hero in this dangerous world and you have to be quick to stay alive. Build your web and catch your prey but be careful, danger is just around the tree. You will have to play tactical to survive.

Bugs&Spiders is a remake of a classical gaming principle used in games called XONIX and QIX. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by partitioning the arena and catching different flys. The spider must avoid bugs so that they do not touch the trail left behind the spider as it runs across the arena. Flys can be eaten when they are caught in a web.

Every next level have different insects with varying features and behaviors. This gets more and more difficult with a growing number of enemies, which makes the gameplay unpredictable and more fun to play.

Additional ideas and feedback is always highly appreciated!

– 3 arenas
– 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard)
– in total more than 120 levels
– Tilt and Touch controls

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