Bugs Rush Free : The silent muddy path

Tap! Slash! Nip! Explode! You could always find a way that fits you to kill bugs!
Suicide bombing! Fission skill! Teleport! Stealthy buff! The bugs are always trying to overwhelm you!
The continuous attack of various bugs will bring you brand new feelings and extremely great satisfaction!

Each bug has its own traits, so you need to kill them through different ways, like smashing, slashing and nipping. Do remember to avoid the bomb bugs! It will terminate you once you touch them. Are you ready for this? It’s very skillful and challenging to kill them without missing anyone!

In addition to the killing experience, you will gain diamonds and gems. With fancy graphics and different animation effect, it definitely worth a try! It’s your duty to kill them all. We are waiting for you conquer the wicked bugs!

Game features:
-Various kind of bugs use different ways to kill various kinds of bugs: smash, slash or nip.
-Delicate full 3D screen, high quality stage design and vivid animation production, all those innovative elements of our great team made this game another epic!

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