Keep turning the bugs!?
How many bugs can you get?

[How to Play]
○Tap the bug to move and expansion your territory!
– You can move them to another square from side to side and up and down.
– One bug will be decrease each time you move one to another square.
– You can join them if there is a friend bug in the square you made them move.

○Fight with the another bugs!
– A battle will be start if there is a foe bug in the square you made them move!
– Greater number of bugs will be the winner.

○Have an eye to FOOD!
– Bugs eat up certain amount of FOOD in every turn.
– Expansion your territory to get FOOD!

○Make more bugs with [GREEN DRINK]!
– By using 10 FOOD, you can make 1 for each bugs on stage.

○Take over the others’ nest!
– You win the stage when you take over every single nest!
– You lose the stage when your nest is taken over!

You’ll get the Medal when you win the stage within stipulated turn.
Get all of the Medals!

You might be the one who rule the world of bugs!

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