Bug’s Bubble Lite

Easy to learn and fun to play! Become a hero to these bugs. Save them all from drowning!

Lite Version only can play up till 3min mark.

Oh NO! Bugs are in water, somebody help!
Thankfully there is a big bubble full of oxygen in the middle for them breath, but it will run out sooner or later. Quickly drag the surrounding bubbles to the middle to aid the bugs. They will dance happily for you!
Don’t worry if you run out of bubbles to drag. Just shake your device and new bubbles will come in. But shaking your device will also shaken unwanted leaves. They will pop the bubbles if you are not careful. Just blow them away by blowing on your device.
Inside the game, there are different types of cute bugs, the more bugs you save, the faster the bubble shrink.
Good luck and become a super bug savior!

 遊戲規則簡單易懂好上手
 可愛蟲子演出逗趣惹人愛
 遊戲趣味又緊張刺激,引人發噱


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