BugMatch Prison Frog

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BugMatch is a classic Match-Three puzzle game combines with unique game rules and an adventure element. Match 3 or more bugs of the same kind and collect a tool at each level. Each level requires you match all assigned bugs. Special tools, items and skills will help you to clear the bugs. Each level is tuned for its unique excitement and is replayable. It is exciting and good for time killing.

BugMatch is the first game of the “Prison Frog” puzzle series. You can help the Prison Frog to find tools, food and map for its prison break plan.

## How To Play:
Catch 3 or more bugs of the same kind lining vertically or horizontally.

## 3 Modes To Play:
-Classic Mode: Pop all assigned bugs in each level. Use the magnifier if you can’t find the bugs.

-Battle Mode: Pop any type of 99 bugs as fast as you can. Do it quick, and focus on a type nearly done

-Time Mode: Pop as many bugs as you can in 1 minute. Higher combo multiply higher scores

## Features:
– Special skills, tools and items for you to clear the bugs
– 3 unique game modes: Classic, Battle and Time
– 30 tools are available for collect during the Game
– Crazy combo design
– Game center enabled for total score, time and combo

## Reviewers Comments:
★★★ My maximum combo in Time Mode is 28, it drives me crazy ★★★
★★★ I have to finish Battle Mode in 3 minutes, go go go ★★★
★★★ All play modes and levels are tuned very smooth, simple and fun ★★★

Game play in YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3MFRDYzDHI

Let’s prison break now!!!

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