Let’s repel the bugs appearing one after another by using variety actions that Tap, Swipe, Flick, Shake.
You will aim to complete Bugs Book of a lot of bugs!
It will be able to enjoy so simple from kids to adults.
“BugColle” is intuitive operation action game.

■ Characters
There are more than 50 bugs such as so early bug, poisoned bug, etc.
the field that bugs come and go is powerful.
It appeare in a wide kind of bugs from nostalgic bug to popular bug.
If you do not good at bugs, it is alright in this game?
You may become to likes the bugs by complete the guide book of bugs!

■ Stages
All 80 stages consist of Soil, Flower, Tree, Stone.
If the attack power up by using collected Acorn Point, also you may clear difficult stage.

■ Operations and Rules
Collect the bugs by 4 weapons.
– Attack by tapping the bugs. When you tap the bombs or poisons, the timer is reduced and it is subject to the deduction of 3-star rating.
– Attack the bugs by spraying the spray.
– Fall fireball by flick on the ground, attack to all bugs in the screen.
– Throw insect net by shake the device, can stop bugs move for a little seconds.

When finish of one game, 3-star rating is according to the ratio of repelling the
bugs, and acorn points and insects will be recorded.
Unlock the next level by acquire one or more of the star.
Level up each weapon using the acorn points you have earned.
Attack level is up to 10, Weapon stock is up to 99.
Each area has 20 level, levels of the ant icon is enhanced difficulty.

■ Functions
It corresponds to the GameCenter Leaderboard and Achievements.
You can compete with the ranking of collected point to players of the world!

■ Devices
iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPod touch

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