Bug crasher


Bug crasher is a comic shooting game that the main character is busy in insecticidal when insects invade the house. All the insects can be eliminated by touching or dragging with weapon. But when Carmel Cricket is touched, it explodes and gives severe psychological shock to the main character. So never touch Carmel Cricket.
There are 12 types of weapons that provide various methods of catching insects. All the modes have adopted infinite scoring system to be suitable to compete with other users.

[Game Composition]
* 3 modes of Defense, Time Attack and Survival modes.
* Up to 5 stages for Defense & Time Attack Mode.
* Single life for Survival Mode.
* 2 unique weapons can be held during the play.
* When full version is purchased, infinite stages are available and life increases to 3 for Survival Mode. Also purchasable weapons increase to 12.

The main character lives a lazy life and always thinks “I am tired of cleaning”. The house is filled up with wastes and suddenly, grotesque insects start invading the house. His house is composed of My Room, Bathroom, Kitchen and Loft. Insects start invading to Bathroom, Kitchen and Loft and the situation becomes too threatening for him to start eliminating insects with weapons. Would he protect the house?

It depends on your skill!!

1. Lite shooting game: It is a light and short shooting game can be enjoyed on the road. Single stage is about 1 minute that is fast and tensed. Only touch & drag is available to be easily adopted by anyone.

2. Compete and multi-play: Bug crasher has infinite modes to be competed endlessly. It is interesting to compete for highest score.

3. Various weapons: There are 12 types of various and unique weapons to eliminate insects in various methods. Users can choose desired weapons to eliminate insects in various ways to enjoy more realistic game. 4. Interesting composition: Interesting cartoons are included during the game to enhance concentration of the game.

Basic Control = touch & drag
Attack insects = Touch lower left corner of screen
Change weapon = Touch lower right corner
Use items =Touch item icons

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