Buddy Repperton's 2013 Basketball App

This is Buddy Repperton’s basketball handicapping app. It will contain the very best of his premium selections for the 2012-2013 PRO and COLLEGE basketball seasons, starting at the end of October and going through March Madness and the NBA Playoffs.

Buddy Repperton is a highly successful sports handicapper. This is the ultimate basketball app for Buddy’s PREMIUM SELECTIONS. This app will contain all of Buddy’s premium selections in pro and college basketball for the 2012-2013 seasons. That’s from now through the NBA Playoffs! The selections will be posted daily on the High Scores page of the app. It will contain Buddy’s best basketball picks for ONLY $199. If you know Buddy and his PREMIUM SELECTIONS, you know this is a STEAL!

Also, enjoy this basketball quiz that contains over 600 questions about college basketball teams and mascots.

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