Bubbles Troubles Free

***Tilt your way to Success!***

Bubble boy wants to be closer to Bubble girl but in order to reach her he must brave many troubling obstacles.

Take control of Bubble boy and tilt your way through levels of tricky puzzles to reunite the bubble couple. Be careful, there are plenty of sharp, rough objects that may cause you to pop.

Improve your balance and reaction skills with this puzzle teaser.
The trick is to hold your device completely horizontal at the start of each level. The blinking bubble is where you’ll start. Tilting your device will allow you to move. The further you tilt, the faster you will go.
Be sure to collect bonus bubbles for a chance at improving your score.

Bubbles Troubles Free Features
-Bonus mini games to improve your score
-Replay levels to beat your best time or score
-Vivid cartoony graphics
-Compare scores on Game center leader boards

Upgrade to Bubbles Troubles to get Over 30 levels of tricky balance puzzles!

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