Bubbles IQ


Bubbles IQ is an addictive and playful puzzle game where you compete online with friends and other players. Are you the smartest in your country? …or in the whole world? What is your IQ score?

✔ Play on iPad, iPhone and Facebook (synced)
✔ Compete in weekly challenges (Monday to Sunday)
✔ Earn shiny medals to show your friends
✔ Team up with your friends to earn free boosters
✔ Compete online against people around the world

Coming up
✔ Training mode

➤ Facebook synchronized
Play on your iPad and your scores, medals and friends will stay in sync with Facebook.

Note that Bubbles IQ is a social game running in different platforms. It requires an Internet connection and a Facebook account.

For quick access to Bubbles IQ on Facebook go to BubblesIQ.com

Join the fun now!

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