Bubbles In Troubles Free

Spumy the lovable octopus reaches your iPhone or iPod to ask your help in his great adventure. Join him in his breath-taking quest as he flies in a bubble from the sea depths up to the space. Help him to enjoy the fun of bubble flight by protecting him from any danger that could end his great journey. Enjoy this amazing free casual mobile game and beat your friends’ score! Hours of fun await you in this simple survival game. Test your reflexes and skill. Your kids will love the happy face of our hero and so will you!

★ great fun
★ easy to play
★ simple arcade survival game
★ fun for the whole family
★ a lot of achievements
★ a lot of Power-ups, obstacles and collectables.
★ cute graphics
★ children-friendly

About the company:
We are a small independent team of experienced developers who share a great passion for mobile games. Our goal is to bring the people affordable, simple, addictive and fun games. “Bubbles in Troubles” is our debut title and we are very proud of it. Download our beautiful game and tell us your feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact our support. It will help us to make the game even better!

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